The calendar of D’Amantru is broken up into 8 months. Each month consists of 50 or 51 days, and each week has 9 days, for a total of 406 days a year. There are 24 hours in a day, and 4 seasons. Years begin in Spring, and by the time 2 months have passed, another season is ready to begin.

  • Months of the year
    • Ingknoe
    • Ingtruhl
    • Grae’sol
    • Wy’sol
    • Allwen
    • Allvuc
    • Ter’grim
    • Ter’rave
  • Day of the week:
    • Nexis
    • Kitis
    • Stostin
    • Terson
    • Stamin
    • Vuxin
    • Ardin
    • Iness
    • Stricius
An example month – Ingknoe, Year 1

Weeks begin on Nexis, though this day and Kitis are usually days of rest. Iness and Stricius are generally reserved for celebrations, but may be used as work days, if there is a need for a longer work week (like an upcoming holiday).

Without getting into the full discussion, having one or both sets of rest days, and at least one mid-week day, off is common for most* of the population. Some individuals enjoy working on these days, and will request them over the mid-week.

(* – Most free individuals.)

Important dates are on this linked page. (Opens in a new tab.)

Important Dates

Delphin Empire

28 Ter’grim, 1460NexisEmerald Ay’leana born
25 Grae’sol, 1472StaminEarliest slavers noticed
17 Wy’sol, 1477InessLaws banning slavery go into effect
7 Grae’sol, 1485StriciusEmerald “strongly encourages” her parents to abdicate, crowned Empress
20 Wy’sol 1497TersinAva Ay’leana born
36 Allwen, 1497InessOrrin captured
38 Allwen, 1497NexisOrrin found dead
43 Allwen, 1497VuxinEmerald leaves to track down slavers
47 Allwen, 1497NexisEmerald attacks/nearly killed by slavers, saved by Kieran

15 Ingknoe, 1499 (Nexis) – The Delphin Empire has fallen, and the time known as Slaver Rule begins.

Slaver Rule

5 Allwen, 3009TersinNovel begins.