Mirrored Promise News :: 08.07.21

I know I have been quiet about the status of the comic, but I finally have an update for you. After I broke my leg at the end of February, then have spent the months since dealing with the aftermath of that, it’s been hard to find the drive to draw. I WANT to, but I also still don’t trust my own body. (I’m sure my depression is part of this too. My anxiety sure has been.)

To both speed up the production, and to ease my own workload, I’m going to be doing mostly black & white/greyscale. When a new character is introduced, or for title pages/anything “important” I’ll color that.

I don’t want to leave comics with no color, so I’ll also be promoting my Gumroad tiers more. I’ll figure out a funding goal, and at every milestone for that, I’ll go back and color a page. I am still going to do things the “finish drawing a chapter, start posting, take a break, start drawing the next chapter”/”no deadlines” way, as I think it’s better for my overall health.

If you’re interested in keeping up with more live updates, you can join my Discord server, where I’ll be posting more information, including streams and updates more quickly than I will here on the website, or on social media.