[World Building] Map

[Image is a worn, stained map. It appears dirty, heavily yellowed, to the point of being brown, and is burned in some places. It looks to have been folded for many years. It likely lived in a pocket for much of that time. Some roads are shown, as are the generally accepted borders of the three main cities. You can almost, but not really, make out the rivers that run through the northernmost city, Ametiton. Distance is marked in miles “as the crow flies,” from border to border of each of the three cities. These seem off, somehow, even though they’re printed text. Between Ametiton and the port city of Di’aru, it lists 72 miles. From Di’aru to the southernmost city of Juv, the distance is listed as 168 miles. A compass rose at the bottom right corner shows the slight right hand “turn” the map has, with north being offset several degrees from the edge of the map.]

Eastern D’Amantru
The north eastern region of the continent of D’Amantru was once the largest trading hub of the continent. IT still is, in some ways, but not for what it used to be.

Furthest north, in the forests, is the ancestral home of the land-dwelling delphin. This area was developed into Ametiton. It is the closes point to ancestral home of the feln, across the mountains that cup the city, and grew from being a trading hub for the two species.

In the transitional area between the forests and the plains, on the delta where the city of Di’aru is now, a trading hub was set up between the delphin and their plains-dwelling neighbors, the lupino. As the hub grew, the avizon also began trading here, and this was once the place to find most of the individuals in the region.

As the Delphin Empire expanded south, the densely packed, walled city of Juv, grew from a settlement which was once another trading hub with the lupino.